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Trinity Lutheran Church

Stapleton, Staten Island, NY



Oct. 26, 1856      First organizational meeting held in Stapleton for a German Lutheran Church. Congregation begins to worship in the Methodist Episcopal Church on Cebra Ave.1


Dec. 22, 1856     First congregational meeting held. Pastor Christian Hennicke, pastor of the Port Richmond Lutheran Church, agrees to serve both parishes. Stapleton congregation meets in the Methodist Episcopal Church on Cebra Ave.2


Feb. 17, 1857      German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Stapleton is officially registered with the Richmond County Clerk.3


Mar. 6, 1859        Ch. Goehling is installed as pastor of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Stapleton.4


Feb. 5, 1865        Louis Dejonge announces at congregational meeting that four building plots at the corner of Beach Street and Richmond Street (now St. Paul’s Avenue) had been purchased. 5


Oct. 19, 1868       Mr. Robert Carl Beer licensed by the Ev. Synod of New York to “preach the gospel for one year. . . “6


July 18, 1869      Pastor Ch. Hennicke assists in the ordination of Pastor Burkhardt, of the Steimle Synod. 7 He is mentioned in other sections of this work as well, so he was very active in the Steimle Synod. He had a church at 50th Street in New York. 8 He also apparently published a hymnbook.9


A congregational meeting of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church at Stapleton is held, at which the resignation of Pastor Göhling was discussed.10


July 27, 1869     Pastor Goehling resigns his position as Pastor of the congregation.


Aug. 29, 1869    Pastor Beer of Brooklyn preaches a trial sermon.11


Sep. 5, 1869     Pastor J. J. Simon of Hartford preaches a trial sermon.12


Sep. 12, 1869   Pastor Rechenburg of Toronto preaches a trial sermon.13


Sep. 19, 1869   Pastor Beer preaches his second trial sermon.14


Sep. 26, 1869   Pastor A.C. Wedekind of St. James Church in New York is guest pastor. After the service, the election is held. The candidates are: Pastors Rechenburg, Simon and Beer.15 Pastor Beer is elected.


Oct. 4, 1869       Pastor Robert Carl Beer installed as Pastor of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church at Stapleton, by the Rev. A.C. Wedekind.16 [The notice in “Der deutsche Staten-Islander” of Oct. 2 indicates that this was done at 7:00pm on Sunday, Oct. 3.]


Oct. 17, 1870      The Vice President of the Steimle Synod (Ch. Hennicke) received a letter from the “German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation at Stapleton (St. I.), which communicates that the pastorate there is vacant, and that they wish to have a capable preacher recommended. Pastor Vosseler calls attention to Pastor Rieb, of Newark. Since no direct communication has come to the Conference in this matter, the Vice President will take care of whatever is necessary, privately, for the present.”17


October 24, 1870 “The Vice President reports concerning Stapleton that the election committee of the congregation   will visit Pastor Rieb in his church. Pastor Rieb expresses his joy over his participation in the Conference and the hearty desire to become more closely associated with the Synod, soon.”18


November 14, 1870 “Pastor Kühne, of Waldeck, wishes to take over a congregation. The Conference gives him a    constitution and promises to assist him as much as possible.”19


November 28, 1870 Pastor Kühne presented his testimonials to the Steimle Synod, which accepted them and   promised to try to find a pastorate for him.20


Dec. 19, 1870 Pastor Kühne accepts an invitation from the German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation at Stapleton to preach a guest sermon on the 1st Christmas Day.21


Jan (?) 1871 Rev. Robert C. Beer was granted an honorable dismissal from the Synod of New York to the Ev. Luth. Synod of Maryland, “having removed from Stapleton, Long [sic] Island, and taken charge of a congregation in the City of Baltimore.”22


Mar. 6, 1871 “Mr. Keutgen of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation at Stapleton, S.I., informed the conference in detail of conditions in the congregation there. The Conference advises that Pastor Kühne, as the regularly elected pastor there, be installed and begin his work as soon as possible.”23


Mar. 20, 1871 “The Secretary reports on the result of the remonstrances made by him in behalf of the Conference with Pastor Wedekind, that the latter is not inclined to give up his agitation in Stapleton. Pastor Kühne gives gratifying information concerning the result of his activity in Stapleton, and the Conference believes that it would be best for the present to wait and see how the matter turns out.”24

1871                 St. John’s Lutheran Church organized on Broad Street in Stapleton (not to be confused with St. John’s Lutheran on Jewett Avenue), with Rev. A. Kuehne as pastor.


Oct. 2. 1871 Pastor Ch. Hennicke was by now a member of the Buffalo Synod; he attended the Steimle Synod meeting as a delegate from that Synod.25 Also, on this day Pastor Kühne was officially received into the membership of the Steimle Synod.26


Oct. 31, 1871 The Ev. Synod of NY is authorized to examine the papers of the Rev. E. Haerring to determine if he should be admitted to the roster of the Synod.27


July 9, 1872 Rev. Ernst W. E. Hering, of Stapleton, Staten Island, made application to be received as a member of the Ev. Synod of NY & NJ. 28


Oct. 3, 1872 In the Minutes of the Synod of NY & NJ, E. Hering is listed as pastor of a congregation in Stapleton, with 100 communicants. A note indicates that the congregation is not yet connected with the Synod.29


October, 7, 1872 At the 77th Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of New York, members of the former German Evangelical Lutheran Synod (Steimle Synod) were received into membership. Among them was Pastor Albert Kühne.30 The congregation is listed as the “Ev. Luth. Church in Stapleton, St. Isl.”31


May, 1873 St. John’s merges with German Ev. Luth. Church of Stapleton, with Rev. A. Kuehne as pastor.


Oct. 15, 1873 Pastor Hering wrote to Henry N. Pohlman, President of the Synod of NY & NJ, respectfully requesting a dismission “as he intends to return to his native country.”32


Oct. 1, 1893 Pastor Alfred Paul Bernhardt Krause installed as Pastor.



July 28, 1900 Pastor A. Kühne dies.


October 6, 1907 Pastor Frederick Sutter begins his pastorate.33

October 20, 1907 Pastor Sutter installed.


October, 1908 Building fund started with $10,000 bequest from Mr. Charles Zentgraf.


November, 1908 Congregation votes to have English language services on 1st and 3rd Sundays every month.34


December, 1908 General Council “Kirchenbuch” adopted for use in worship.35


June, 1910 Church joins the New York Ministerium.36


Oct. 26, 1913 Cornerstone of the new church is laid.


Oct. 7, 1926 Pastor Krause dies.


Jan. 24, 1928 Congregation votes to change name to Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.


Feb. 1940 Oscar Lindemann dies.


Nov. 1940 Henry G. Otto dies


1964 Pastor Frederick Sutter retires.


Jan. 10, 1971 Pastor Frederick Sutter dies at 95 years of age.


Rev. Carl Sutter (the son of Pastor Fredrick Sutter), 1933-1979

Rev. Russell B. Green, 1957 – 1962

Rev. James L. Wallace, 1962 – 1963

Rev. Gary C. Sant ire, 1963 – 1966

Rev. Robert C. Wakefield, 1967 – 1973

Rev. Marven E. Henk, 1974 – 1978

Rev. Thomas Mugavero, 1978 – 2000

Rev. Kathleen Koran, 2000

Rev. Richard Michael, 2001 - 2012


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