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2012--Lutheran Theological Seminary of Philadelphia

Lutheran Historical Conference

October 11-13, 2012

Schedule for the 2012 Biennial Meeting of the Lutheran Historical Conference

"Choosing the Lutheran Narrative: Commemorating, Remembering, Forgetting?"


"Early Interpretations of Muhlenberg Employed in North American Lutheran Wars" (Raymond F. Kibler III).


"Lutheran Historical Pageants: Dramatization and Identity Formation during the Reformation Quadricentennial" (Sarah K. Nytroe).


"American Lutheran Responses to Swedish-Anglican Relations: What the Bishops Caused" (Mary Jane Haemig). .


"An Army Chaplain's Story: Opie Selmer Rindahl's Experiences during World War II" (Gary M. Johnson).


"Gender, Religion, and War in Contemporary America: How Lutheran Women Used Their Own Media to Address War" (David Settje and Michelle Morkert).


"The Lutheran Who Reached for the Stars: The Life. Contributions. and Lapses of Wernher von Braun. at the Centennial of His Birth, 1912-2012” (Joel L. Pless).


"Associated Lutheran Charities and the National Lutheran Inner Mission Conference: Two National Associational Responses to Twentieth Century Social Needs" (Leslie F. Weber, Jr.).


"Remembering Place: How America Has Shaped Lutheranism" (Maria Erling).


''What Do We Know, What Might We Learn? Grappling with the Historiography of Lutherans and Slavery" (Rick Chapman).


"The Impact of White Flight on Urban Lutheran Congregation" (Mark Koschmann).


'The Divergence of Norwegian and Norwegian-American Liturgies from Immigration until 1958" (Kristofer Coffman).


"Disavowing Satan, Upholding Integrity: Lutheran Responses to Homosexuality in the 1970s" (Elisabeth A. Unruh)


"Lutheran Charismatics and the 'Chief Article': A Historical-Theological Assessment" (Christopher Richmann).

 "Domke's Gardens: A Forgotten Lutheran Artist" (Julieanna Frost)